User Accounts

Starting in 2020, SermonAudio began offering free User accounts to all listeners on the site, which provide a variety of features that can enhance your browsing and listening experience on SermonAudio on both web browsers and mobile apps.


User accounts are distinct from Broadcaster accounts.

Broadcaster accounts are paid accounts and are necessary in order to upload sermons and other content to SermonAudio. Currently, Broadcaster accounts have their own separate sign-in credentials. However, starting in early 2024, Broadcasters will be linked to User accounts, and will therefore no longer require their own separate passwords. More details about this transition will be coming soon.

User Features

Following Broadcasters, Speakers, and Series

If you would like to receive updates and/or notifications when new sermons are added from specific broadcasters, sermon series, or speakers, you can simply follow any of these items easily with a click of a button. Following a broadcaster updates you when any new content is published by the church. Following a speaker updates you when a new sermon by that speaker is uploaded anywhere on SermonAudio. Following a series updates you when a new sermon is published for your favorite sermon series.

Follow button on a broadcaster profile pageFollow button on a broadcaster profile page

Follow button on a speaker pageFollow button on a speaker pageFollow button on a series pageFollow button on a series page

My Feed

As a user, you have quick and easy access to a chronological feed that displays in a list all new sermons from items that you follow. This includes new content from broadcasters, speakers, and sermon series.

Bookmarking Sermons

If you find a sermon that you’re interested in listening to and what to save it for later, you can quickly bookmark it from the sermon page, and it will be added to a list of bookmarks that you can access in your personal library.

Commenting on Sermons

Users can write comments on sermons from the sermon page. Comments are a great way to leave a word of encouragement to our broadcasters. All comments are reviewed by SermonAudio staff before they are published. Occasionally, comments will be featured on the front page of the site.

User comments on a sermon pageUser comments on a sermon pageA featured comment on the front pageA featured comment on the front page

Play History

If you want to find a sermon that you’ve listened to in the past, you can find all the sermons you’ve played in your Play History. You can also search through the sermons in your Play History if you can’t quite remember when you listened to a particular sermon

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