James Henley Thornwell

James Henley Thornwell (1812-1862) was a Presbyterian minister born in Marlborough district, South Carolina. He graduated from South Carolina College in 1829, and he subsequently entered upon the study of Law, which he soon abandoned to devote himself entirely to the ministry in the Presbyterian Church. From 1836 to 1842, he was Professor of Logic and Belles-lettres at South Carolina College; from 1842 to 1852, he was Professor of the Evidences of Christianity and College Chaplain; and, in 1852 was appointed President of the College. In 1856, he moved over to Columbia Theological Seminary to serve as a professor of theology there.

Dr. Thornwell has been recognized as one of the ablest ministers and instructors of the Southern Presbyterian Church. To logical and metaphysical faculties of a high order headed a fine literary style, and an easy and effective mode of address. He was an uncompromising champion of Old School Presbyterianism. He was the author of several published sermons and addresses in his life. His collected works (1874) were edited by John B. Adger and John L. Girardeau, and have been recently republished by the Banner of Truth Trust and by Solid Ground Christian Books.

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