Peter Accardi

Evangelist Peter Accardi was gloriously saved out of a life of Rock and Roll in 1973. He graduated from Baptist Bible College in 1977. He has preached in hundreds of churches, camps and schools across the country and around the world. His early years many churches had him come to warn about the dangers of Rock n Roll music and it's invasion into our Churches. Sadly most of those churches with the change of leadership have succumbed to the trend and fear having men like Peter come and preach. Peter Accardi was instrumental in witnessing to Pastor Frank Bissol who was saved a little over a year after he Peter was saved. Peter Accardi now serves as the church evangelist at the Elkdale Baptist Church and often preaches at the church. He is still available for meetings in churches who would seek to have him. Because of his testimony of conversion out of this world of ungodly music, many churches have given up the battle against so called Christian Rock. He has not changed all these years, sadly most churches have. If you are interested in having him come to your church he can be contacted through the churches website.

Pastor Frank Bissol

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