Pastor Scott Markle

Pastor Scott Markle was raised in a Christian home, and received the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior at the age of four. He has served the Lord his God and Savior in pastoral ministry since 1992. He has served as the pastor of Melvin Baptist Church, a small country church in the Thumb area of Michigan, since 1998. He has been joyfully married to his beloved wife Kerry since 1993; and they have been blessed of the Lord with two sons, Padraic and Westley.

Pastor Scott Markle's life verses are Philippians 3:8 and John 15:4-5. " The burden of his life is to pursue the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus his Lord and to walk daily abiding in Christ, and Christ in him. Concerning all his ministry, it is the burden of his heart to exalt, not himself, but the name of Jesus Christ and the truth of God's Word. It is his burden that Christ must increase, while he must decrease. Therefore, he maintains the policy that his name, as the author of a book, must remain smaller, while the phrase, "For the Glory of the Lord," must stand larger above it.

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