Vince Kluth

Vince Kluth was mercifully saved by the Lord Jesus Christ sometime in the Fall of 1989. Shortly thereafter, he came under a lengthy personal tutelage of the late Mr. Bernie Alper, an older, shut-in Christian who spent his time searching the scriptures, listening to many bible-based sermons, and holding regular weekly bible studies. It was Bernie’s dying request that Vince continue the weekly studies, which he has done since 1996, both in his home and in the homes of other gracious participants. Upon occasion, Brother Vince has preached at various churches, such as the Grace Baptist Church of Jacumba (California), Arabic Baptist Church (Maryland) and at a Presbyterian Church (Maryland). He has worked as a church planter for three congregations, one of which remains. He currently lives in Derwood, Maryland, where he serves as the host of Mission Bible Church.

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