Rev. Paul A. Backhurst

Rev. Paul A. Backhurst grew up in Liverpool, England. He was educated at Liverpool Blue Coat School, and later studied Classics at King's College London. In 2002, he relocated to Nijmegen in the Netherlands, where the Lord saved him in 2004. He met his wife and was married. After some time in various congregations, and a short time in a House Church, they became members of the Restored Reformed Church (Hersteld Hervormde Kerk), where the Doctrines of Grace and the Free Offer of the Gospel where clearly taught.
Having long prayed about a discerned ministerial calling, the Lord opened the door to study at the Whitefield College of the Bible in Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK). After being licensed by the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, the Lord called him to Calgary, Alberta. Ordained in January 2020, he arrived with his wife and seven children in Calgary in March 2020 to minister to the flock at Calgary Free Presbyterian Church. In May 2022, the opportunity arose to preach at a monthly Gospel Outreach in southern Alberta. This grew into a small fellowship of families, who requested Rev. Backhurst to be full-time pulpit supply at the new Nobleford Presbyterian Church. Having been conscious of the Lord’s draw and call for a considerable time, Rev. Backhurst undertook to assist with this Church-plant.

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