Mike Miller

Born in 1957, saved in 1976 at Shady Nook Baptist Church in Piedmont, MO at the age of 19. In the ministry since age 24. Married my only wife Teresa in 1977 and have six children and 10 grandchildren – so far. On the mission field in Mexico from 1989-1991 and then 1996-1997. Worked with Spanish-speaking people in Virginia and also associate pastor there through the 1990’s. Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Greenville, MO from 1999 to 2004. Then started Straight Paths Bible Church in 2008. Of the old school – still believe in God’s divine order for the home, the church, and mankind in general. Still believe the King James Bible is the Word of God. Still believe in the old paths and the tried and proven ways. I do the best I can to feed God’s sheep and warn sinners of the judgment to come.

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