Mike Wingfield

Micah was saved at the age of nine. He and His wife Joyce have been married for 42 years and have two grown children Michele and Joshua. Micah graduated in 1972 from Grace College (Winona Lake, IN) with a B.A. degree in Bible. He is a 1975 Master of Divinity honor graduate of Grace Theological Seminary (Winona Lake, IN). Micah founded Prophecy Today Ministries in 1990 and has been very active in Bible prophecy conferences since that time. Since June 1997 He has been the full-time director of this ministry. His careful study of the prophetic Scriptures, traveling experiences, and Scriptural analysis of world events, give him a keen insight into current events. His messages demonstrate in a very conservative way how current events are setting the stage for the final events of the end-times.