Dr. Ken Burkett

Dr. Ken Burkett grew up in the Midwest. His father was a pastor, so he was reared around the ministry and has been involved in serving the Lord most of his life. Next to accepting Christ as his Savior at a young age, the two most formative events in his life were (1) his reading through the entire Bible during his early elementary school years - an event that permanently shaped his values, and (2) his decision as a teenager to serve the Lord in any capacity that He would direct. During his high school years, he was an award-winning magician who not only entertained at secular events, but who frequently spoke and performed gospel magic in a variety of churches. After high school, he attended Bob Jones University in South Carolina, where he obtained a B.A. in Bible, an M.A. in Bible, and a Ph.D. in Old Testament Interpretation. During his college and seminary years, he was involved in a large variety of ministries, including assisting other pastors in their ministries. Included in his background is experience in teaching Greek and Bible on the college & seminary level, as well as teaching middle school and high school. Currently, he is an adjunct professor with the Baptist Theological Seminary in the Milwaukee, WI area, and also with the Mississippi Delta Community College in Moorhead, MS. Dr. Burkett was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1985 and has been the pastor of Greenville Bible Church since 1996. As a pastor-teacher, his greatest passion is for teaching and expounding the Word of God. He and his wife, Chalayne, have reared two children. On a less serious note, his hobbies include camping, swimming, and playing board games.