Paul Rendall

Pastor Paul Rendall was born in November of 1951, and grew up in Davenport, Iowa. He went to college at Drake University and the University of Iowa where he received a B.A. degree in Social Work and History in 1974. Paul searched for truth in all the wrong places in college, but afterwards came to realize his need of Christ and was converted in August of 1976, the year after he married his wife Jenni. The Lord graciously saved her as well 3 months later. He came to the doctrines of grace in 1986, and joined Sycamore Baptist Church in East Moline, Illinois. He was taught homiletics and good theology from Pastor Gordon Taylor. He began to do quite a bit of preaching and pulpit supply after this, and after having been taught many good lessons about repentance and the Christian life, was called to be the pastor at the Reformed Baptist Church of Tama, Iowa, in 2003.

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