Joey Faust

Joey Faust was born in Columbia, SC. He spent his early childhood years in rural Blythewood (where his family on his father's side had for generations, been members of the Baptist church there). As an early teen, he spent his summers as an equestrian counselor for the YMCA's rural camp in Lexington. In his mid teens he moved to Arlington, Texas and became a guitar teacher. This immediately became his full-time job. He supported himself in the music scene of Dallas-Fort Worth, teaching and performing, until he was convicted by the Lord to hate his sin, and the dark world he had become influential in. After wrecking his truck in a terrible accident, coming to the end of himself, his eyes were opened to the Gospel, as well as the fear of the Lord. This crisis occurred at age 23. He then faced a "crossroad" experience concerning his music career. Not willing to compromise, he lost all that Satan had planned for him in the music business. Yet he gained a new, exciting walk with the Lord! He then spent hours each day in the libraries of Southwestern Baptist in Fort Worth, and Dallas Theological Seminary, etc. He became a lover of old books, collecting them from around the world. He quickly became a pastor, and over the years has written several books. He seeks to provide lost sinners with the precious truth of free salvation by grace through faith alone. And he exhorts believers to live a life of true dedication and surrender in light of the soon coming of the Lord and His Millennial Kingdom. His many sermons on this site encourage Christians to strive to live holy and healthy as possible in spirit, soul and our physical bodies.

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