D. L. Moody

The dying nineteenth century recorded the death of one of its greatest men. Dwight Lyman Moody (1837-1899), world-renowned worker for Christ, went to be with his Lord on December 22, 1899. From the life of this humble man rivers of living water had streamed out to bless America, Great Britain and the world.

 Acclaimed by many as the leading platform evangelist of the century, famed as the founder of Christian institutions, prominent as a Sunday school and YMCA worker, D. L. Moody also held highest rating as a personal worker. He wrote no books on personal evangelism, but numerous references in the D. L. Moody literature prove that he was a practical and persistent personal evangelist and that he inspired many others to engage in this work. That he gave top priority to personal soul-winning as a Christian responsibility there can be no doubt.
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