Pastor Joe Roof

Pastor Joe Roof is now in his 21st year of serving as the Pastor here at Calvary Baptist Church. He holds a B.A. and Bible (1990) and an M.A. in Bible (1991) from Bob Jones University and Bob Jones Seminary. God has blessed Pastor Roof with a wonderful wife of 21 years, Kim, and four children - Daniel(16), Naomi(12), Kyla(10), and Jaeden(5). In 1993, he led in the planting of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Schenectady, NY. In 1997, he led in the merging of the Fellowship Baptist Church with the Peoples Baptist Church of Albany, NY. Calvary Baptist Church was the new name given to the church after the merger. In 1998, Pastor Roof led in the planting of the Adirondack Baptist Church in Gloversville, NY. He also serves on several ministry boards and committees. He has also been holding monthly services at the Kingsway Arms Assisted Living Facility in Schenectady, NY for 20 years. He has also led Bible studies in Cornwallville, NY and Schenecatdy, NY. If Pastor Roof can ever be of help to you please feel free to contact him through the email link provided on the Calvary Baptist Church page.