A Mega Edition of the Dividing Line Today

In the first hour James covered a number of current events including:

  1. Ben Witherington of Patheos visits the Vatican and meets the Pope.
  2. Steven Anderson NWO bible versions trailer and the utilization of archaic language.
  3. Textual variants in the Qur’an? Dr. Keith Small reviews the Sana’a palimpsest Qur’anic manuscript.
  4. Zelph the white Lamanite? Discussing possible sources for the Book of Mormon from an article by Sharon Lindbloom on http://blog.mrm.org.
  5. The ‘Why Sola Scriptura Honestly Scares Me’ article from Patheos by Ryan Adams.
  6. Shrinking Down The Scriptures? A quick book review of ‘Evangelical Faith and The Challenge of Historical Criticism.’ Edited by Christopher Hayes and Christopher Ansberry.

The second hour James continues his ‘Agnostic Mormonism’ review of the 11/15/2013 interview on the ‘Issues Etc’ program with the head of the ‘FAIR Mormon’ apologetics group.

Nov 26, 2013
Radio Broadcast
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