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I do not know if we have ever done a two hour DL before. Possibly. In any case, I did not even get through half of what I wanted to cover. So, we will do another DL, though not a two hour one, tomorrow. Might go for a jumbo, we will see. In any case, today I dedicated the program to responding to the outrageous statements made by Tucson area youth pastor Micah Coate, a 32 year old gentleman who just put out a candidate for “The Worst Book Ever Written Against Calvinism,” yet a book that carries the endorsements of such men as Paige Patterson, George Bryson, Jerry Vines and Tim LaHaye. It is a classic example of “anti-Calvinism Derangement Syndrome,” as I documented today, and will continue tomorrow (along with some other items) in a special Friday morning edition of the DL (11 am MST).

Aug 18, 2011
Radio Broadcast
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