Washed for Priestly Service


God has established a priesthood that we might know him and draw near to him in worship. Old Testament priesthood pointed to the Lord Jesus Christ, our great priest. As Christians we share in Christ priesthood through faith in Him. Our calling is a priestly calling. The New Covenant did not abolish the priesthood- it expanded it. As the high priest Aaron and his sons were washed completely by Moses at their consecration so belivers in Christ are washed with pure water and set aside as priest unto God and one another at our baptism into Christ. Remember your baptismbecause it tells not only who you are but what your calling is. As a priest unto God you are to draw near to God i worship and go to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ(Romans 15:16).

Aug 19, 2006
Special Meeting
1 Peter 2; Exodus 29; Leviticus 8
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