The Coronation of the Son of Man

How quickly the mighty fall! Saddam Hussein, once a man feared and dreaded by the world, has been reduced to almost nothing at all. He has gone from the "Butcher of Baghdad" to a defeated foe on trial for his life. Saddam's doom is virtually assured and the world no longer fears him.

In the same way, although antichrists and the Antichrist himself may seem to prevail against the saints and to dominate the world, Jesus is the one who has been declared the real King of Kings and Prince of Princes and it is He who is in control of all that takes place, and He has assured his people 'I am coming.' When that day comes, even the dreaded Antichrist will be put on trial, judged, and sentenced, never again to be feared or dreaded by anyone.

Sep 3, 2006
Sunday - AM
Daniel 7:9-14
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