Marriage & Gender: The Church as a Family (Spiritual Adoption)

God's eternal purposes and creation design of marriage and male/female differences are foundational to the health of the family, the church, the society. And they are rejected and under constant attack, to the doom of the family, the church, the society. So it is very important for us to study and review these foundational teachings from God's Word.

This final sermon of the series is perhaps the main point: the teaching of marriage, gender, and family are fully implemented in Christ's salvation and church. When one is redeemed by God, he is also adopted as a son into God's family--given a New Father (by the sonship and Spirit of adoption), a New Brother (Who became like us that we might become like Him), and a New Family (the local church).

Sep 6, 2015
Sunday Service
Galatians 4:3-7; Romans 8:14-23
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