Session #4: Marriage and Divorce


Series Overview:
Our culture is the most law-saturated culture in history.
Christians have often been at the forefront of law reform efforts, both at a general level and with specific moral issues. In these sessions we will wrestle with the proper relationship between God's law and American secular law. We will begin by developing a scriptural perspective on the role of secular law and by considering alternative approaches such as theonomy and the insights of Abraham Kuyper. We then will use these insights to explore abortion, gay marriage, gambling, corporate ethics and other current legal issues.

Session Overview:
This is session #4 in a series of 12, discussing Marriage and Divorce: Under the Law of God, marriage is highly valued with the partners being considered joined by God Himself. Divorce is totally contrary to God's intentions, being available only in cases of adultery, where the "one flesh" bond has been broken. The Law of Man, of which New Jersey's law is a fair example, has greatly devalued marriage by making divorce readily available without proof of fault. The Church should do much more to combat the no-fault state of secular law through greater efforts in terms of counseling, mediation and even discipline. "Covenant Marriage" laws warrant serious consideration. Tis session was given by attorney David Dugan.

We apologize for the audio quality of this session, technical difficulties caused problems with the recording. Only this session is affected.

Jul 3, 2005
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