This is How to Comfort a Heart


Preachers are to speak to the heart: God is real, powerful, coming, and will make things right.

Many people “wait” on the Lord for a long time, but the problem is that waiting on the Lord’s help is not passive; they will be active; not a passive waiting but an active serving. They will walk, they will run, they will fly, and they will be renewed.

This isn’t entitlement, it is empowerment, sometimes either walking, running, or flying. Waiting on the Lord doesn’t mean while we “wait” we are serving ourselves and our own interests it means we are serving God, that is why we are strengthened, that is how we wait on the Lord. Those that are seeking for themselves will run out of energy, but those who do things God’s way will be energized by God Himself. We act in faith, we serve the Lord with our lives, we wait on the Lord, and He delivers.

Sep 5, 2010
Sunday Service
Isaiah 40
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