The Authority of Jesus

69 ( 34 | 35 )

Authoritarianism seems to be on the rise. People and organizations want control. And it was the same way back during Jesus' earthly ministry, too. The Sanhedrin had been struggling up and down for centuries to maintain their power; and now, by overturning the tables and merchandise in the Temple, Jesus had come in and put a death blow to their power. They came and demanded Him to explain Himself and tell them whose authority He was under.

It wasn't that being a scribe or a high priest was evil in itself. The problem was that these men had taken their God-given power and used it for their own purposes. And they failed to see and acknowledge that the Messiah Himself was standing right there in front of them.

Jesus asked them a question in return concerning John's baptism – whether it was from God's authority or men's. But they preferred to shuffle around instead of dealing with the honest question and have their tyranny be impaired.

Jesus had authority from heaven to judge the Temple because He was the Lord of the Temple. Who do you think Jesus is? Either the Bible and Jesus' testimony concerning Himself are a big lie, or else they really are true – just as they claim to be. Who is Jesus to you?

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Duration 21:27
Date Sep 3, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Mark 11:27-33
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