Life Meets Death at Nain: No Problem Bigger Than Jesus

Jesus comes to the small city of Nain followed by His disciples and a large crowd. They are met at the city gate by a widow leading a funeral procession of family and mourners. Life meets death at Nain.
Pastor Stoos shows how the Holy Spirit uses this event to give us a marvelous picture of the good news. We love God because He first loved us and this gift is appropriated by the great faith that was studied last week in the account of the Roman Centurion.
Here Jesus gives both the mother and son impossible commands, telling the death boy to rise up! Pastor Stoos explains that Jesus never gives a command that He does not enable us to obey and hence the boy sits up and speaks and the mother's weeping is turned to great joy.
He goes on to show how this applies to our everyday lives and how we must realize that we have NO problems that are too big for Jesus. The solution to our problems come with simple obedience to the commands that Jesus gives us: Commands that we cannot obey in the flesh, but which Jesus enbles us to obey and have joy and contentment in our Christian walk.
Pastor Stoos gives examples of unsaved relatives, marriage problems, raising children, financial difficulties, pornography, drunkenness, and complete breakdowns. He concludes with Paul's admonition to the Philippians and a call to faithful obedience.

Sep 30, 2007
Sunday Service
Luke 7:11-18; Philippians 3:7-14
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