The Push Toward Tyranny and World Government


The push for world/global government continues. The World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations each have aggressive agendas where national sovereignty isn't part of their plans. There's the push for a central bank digital currency, digital I.D verification systems, vaccination passports, increased surveillance camera use, along with the use of artificial intelligence.

It's also worth noting that the meeting of the World Parliament of Religions took place where every religion was welcome, but there was special scorn for Evangelical Christianity.

Gary Kah has been monitoring these kinds of issues, and he returned to Crosstalk with a critical update. Gary is founder and director of Hope for the World. He is editor of Hope for the World Update, an author and former Europe and Middle East Trade Specialist for the Indiana State Government.

Gary began by noting that it doesn't matter if you're looking at it financially, politically, culturally or spiritually, we're coming undone as a nation. He did note that there's a "silver lining" in that people are starting to wake up. Common sense people know something isn't right and Gary believes there's an agenda driving it all.

So where's all this headed and why? Gary told listeners that nearly every power center of our federal government is under the control of a godless majority. He sees this as part of a demonic worldview that's taken shape to push us into a situation of global governance with top-down control where we would eventually lose all freedoms.

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Date Sep 28, 2023
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