Road Trip Two: WLC and Adam, the Baptism Debates Rage On


We chose to record today's DL just in case the connection went wonky and broke up. But, it didn't, and we managed to get about 70 minutes in today, mainly on two topics (with a brief trip report at the start). First, we discussed William Lane Craig, his views on Adam, and why this is pretty much just par for the course given the long interaction we have had with Dr. Craig's foundational positions. Then we addressed the baptism debate, raging yet once again due to Jared Longshore's departure from Founders due to his embracing of paedobaptism. Hopefully balanced and useful observations of the key issues in the debate, at least as the debate rages between Presbyterians and Reformed Baptists. I think that debate is very, very different than the debate with, for example, Lutherans on the same topic.

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Date Sep 25, 2021
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