This is How to Hinder a Prayer


see the pdf for a manuscript, which has a list of texts at the end

This message is meant to be an encouragement to prayer, not a discouragement from prayer. This is not meant to be some simple checklist, like if we do this then God must answer our prayers or that if you can’t check these things off God won’t answer your prayers at all. It also doesn’t mean that if your prayers are being answered that you have nothing to work on, prayer should become deeper as you grow in God’s grace. This is not about comparing yourself to anyone else; it is about examining your own prayer life, and desiring to please God. This is about convicting you and convincing you concerning prayer. We have done many sermons and teachings on prayer (cf. Prayer & the Christian) – because of the number of texts we will be looking at (20+) we will only be skimming the surface and our comments will necessarily be brief. The goal of the message is to draw us near to God by learning how we have drawn away from Him.

Sep 26, 2010
Sunday Service
Matthew 6:5-15
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