It is Always Darkest Before Dawn

We live in tough times when a pervasive spirit of anti-Christ seems to be spreading through the world and getting worse all the time. How long before the kind of persecution that Christians endure in Islamic and Communist nations begins to be manifested in the west as well?

We may be alarmed by these developments, but we would be mistaken to believe that this is something new. In fact, the same kind of thing happened to the people of God during the reign of the blasphemous 'little horn' of Daniel 8 - Antiochus Epiphanes. If we can learn from what happened to the people of God in that time, then we will be better equipped to resist the anti-Christs who are already here, and THE Anti-Christ, that man of lawlessness, the Beast who is yet to be revealed.

Sep 24, 2006
Sunday - AM
Daniel 8:14-27
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