Spanking Ban? Yes. Abortion Ban? No ... per Delaware law and Presbyterian Church-USA


A Delaware law passed 9/2012 has changed the definition of child abuse to include "pain" which they leave undefined and which HSLDA lawyers argue has effectively made discipline by spanking a potential crime which could land parents in jail. They did not expand that "pain" language to unborn children, however, who feel pain during their abortion (which 33% of pregnancies in Delaware are ended by, higher than the national average of 19%). This is a tragic reversal of God's truth, orchestrated by the son of the V.P. of the United States.

The Presbyterian Church-USA denomination also recently refused to pass a resolution limiting abortion by their denomination but did pass a resolution to ban spanking. Their assembly also passed a resolution to help save the planet, but their resolutions reflected little about saving souls, as the gospel and Word of God have become noticeably absent in a denomination that once exalted both. This commentary on our times is compared to the Word of God and how it defines and defends the use of loving discipline by parents, and why this is
so important to understand, in light of the gospel and God's fatherly loving discipline of His true children.

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Sep 24, 2012
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