Anatomy of a Man of God #6: His Backbone #2


What does a man of God who is called as a minister of the Gospel look like through the eyes of Scripture?

In this extended illustration Pastor Martin examines the proper use of his head, eyes, ears, heart, mouth, backbone, hands, knees and feet. An excellent measure of a man's consecration to God.

How is ministerial backbone obtained, maintained and strengthened?

-1- Ministerial backbone is obtained by way of the initial dynamics of regenerating grace wherein a man of God receives the:
-a- implanting of a principle of the fear of God
-b- imparting of a principle of supreme attachment to Jesus Christ
-c- communicating of the Spirit of God as the spirit of boldness

-2- Ministerial backbone is maintained and strengthened by continuous supplies of sustaining grace:
-a- awareness of the call of God
-b- awareness of the presence of God
-c- awareness of the judgment of God

Sermon #MI-Q-6

Oct 16, 1988
Sunday - AM
1 Kings 17; Amos 7:10-17
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