Testing God

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It seems that more and more these days, people are hyper-interested in politics. Often we hungrily gobble down all the political talk we hear, without stopping to ask, "Where is my heart in all of this?"

Here in this passage, the Herodians and the Pharisees band together to try to trap Jesus in His words. They asked Him if Caesar had a right to impose taxes. Sadly, they call Him Teacher, but they don't want to be taught; they say that He is true, but they don't believe it. After making them admit that the denarius had a mark of Caesar's authority, Jesus made it clear that paying taxes was a necessary part of the civil government that they were living under.

But there was more in Jesus' answer than a political lesson. These men were not paying to God what rightfully belonged to Him. They were willing to pay taxes to the government, but they also owed obedience to Jesus – the icon or image of the Father. Yet they were rebels against Him and refused to love the Lord and their neighbor.

You can be obsessed with politics and your own power, but all you are doing is building your own kingdom instead of God's. He puts rulers in power, whether for our good or for our bad, but always for His glory. Does your obedience to God depend on your political party winning?

Jesus Christ is still King, even today. He still sits on His throne. Kingdoms rise and fall, but His Kingdom is not of this world. Do not put your trust in any political leader, or you will be sadly disappointed. Give to the Lord what belongs to Him!

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Duration 33:51
Date Sep 17, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Mark 12:13-17
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