Hearing God's Word Requires Effort

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Theme: Jesus Teaches that There are Many Obstacles to Truly Hearing the Gospel and Bearing Fruit; the Grace to Hear and Believe is a Gift of God, Multiplied.
I. God Reveals His Word Through Parables – vv. 1-18
A. Jesus Speaks to the Multitudes in Parables – vv. 1-3a
B. The Parable of the Sower – vv. 3b-8
II. Parables Hide the Gospel from Those Not Chosen by God to Hear – vv. 9-18
A. The Disciples Wonder at Jesus' Use of Parables – vv. 9-10
B. To Whomever Understanding Has Been Given, More Will Be Given – vv. 11-13
C. God is Sovereign, but Man is Willfully Dull – vv. 14-15
D. You are Blessed in that God Has Opened Your Ears – vv. 16-18
III. There are Many Obstacles to Truly Hearing the Gospel, We Must be Actively Listening – vv. 19-23
A. Hearing Without Understanding – v. 19
B. Stumbling because of Trials – vv. 20-21
C. Choked by Cares and Deceitful Riches – v. 22
D. Hearing, Understanding, and Bearing Fruit – v. 23

Sermon ID 91723186401698
Duration 43:16
Date Sep 17, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Matthew 13:1-23
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