President Reagan's Faith, Interaction with Dr. Albert Mohler, Brief Comments on Justi


Started off expressing thanks for the recently discovered letter President Ronald Reagan sent to his father-in-law shortly before his father-in-law’s death in which Reagan gave a clear call to faith in Jesus as the only way of salvation. Then I moved to interact with and respond to some of the comments made by Dr. Albert Mohler of The Southern Seminary in the Q&A chapel from last week, focusing specifically upon the comment related to why he has not signed the statement despite saying that he agrees with major portions of it. I had the video all cued up but never ended up playing anything as I kept moving from point to point (having listened to it multiple times) in providing background until I had pretty well covered everything. Also included a section of commentary on the injustice of lodging 30+ year old allegations of misconduct and how the current cultural moment attempts to bring cosmic justice into our present reality (an impossibility).

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Date Sep 17, 2018
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