God's Own Defense of Scripture, Part 2

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Well, tonight we return to the subject, the sufficiency of Scripture. It is Job who said, “I have esteemed the words of God's mouth more than my necessary food.” That is to say what Jesus said in the New Testament. “We don't live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” Taking in the Word of God, said Job, is more important than eating food.

The Apostle Paul said that the church is built on the Scriptures that came through the Apostles and the prophets, Ephesians 2:20. Life in the church is built on the Word of God. It is the life of the church. It is the food of every individual believer. Thomas Watson, one of my favorite and most beloved of the Puritans was a very eloquent writer. He gave in his writings many tributes to the Bible. In one of them he said this, “Scripture is a beam of the sun of righteousness, it is a crystal stream flowing from the fountain of life, so pure that it purifies everything else.” Thomas Watson also wrote this, “The devil and his agents have been blowing at Scripture light but could never blow it out.” A clear sign that it is lighted by heaven. . . .


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Date Jun 29, 2014
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Bible Text Psalm 19
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