Stability, Order, Foundations, Adiaphora, and a Bible-Based Trip Down Memory Lane


Had more streaming problems today (yes, we are considering outside interference, but for now, there really isn’t much we can do about it) so we recorded the program again. Spent most of the time looking at Colossians 2:5-7 and what it means to be stable, grounded, disciplined, and what this means in our present context. Then we took a little walk down memory lane using Bibles from my library, Bibles going all the way back to my first Bible, given to me on my seventh birthday. I don’t know when we will have another program, not because of the net issues, but because I leave next Tuesday for Germany. It is doubtful I will have time to do much over there, but you never know!

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Duration 1:04:53
Date Sep 14, 2017
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