AI as Artificial Moral Agents

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SermonAudio and Bob Jones University are cooperating in a mutually beneficial relationship to advance God's kingdom and to inspire the next generation.

The Computer Science Department at Bob Jones University will be periodically hosting lectures for the SermonAudio Technology Lecture Series that will feature informative and educational presentations focusing on the latest advancements and trends in technology utilized by the SermonAudio platform.

We have invited Nick Logan, founder and CEO of Cornerstone Payment Systems, a credit card processing company that establishes businesses, organizations, and ministries with the ability to accept Visa, MasterCard, and the other major credit cards. He will speak on "AI as Artificial Moral Agents."

Nick was formerly the President and Chief Operating Officer of PMT (Formerly PMTS: NASDQ), President and Chief Operating Officer of Nova Information Systems (Formerly NYSE: NIS), and has held various other senior executive roles with public and private companies.

Mr. Logan earned a bachelor's degree in biology from Cal State University Fullerton. Nick and his wife Gail currently live in Virginia.

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Duration 51:11
Date Sep 12, 2023
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