How to Preach The Bible's Most Debated Passages

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On the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Josh Philpot delves into the complexities of the Bible's teachings with Dr. Caldwell, who recently explored controversial passages in Matthew concerning marriage, divorce, and remarriage. Dr. Caldwell emphasizes the pivotal role of church elders, asserting their primary duty is genuine adherence to God's Word rather than personal opinions. Their genuine devotion to scripture cultivates trust within the congregation, ensuring teachings are received with reverence. This faithfulness, combined with honesty and charitable disagreements, sets a foundational tone for the congregation. Congregants are encouraged to approach contentious teachings with respect and open-mindedness, even when in disagreement. Dr. Caldwell advocates for the importance of dialoguing with church leaders when teachings evoke uncertainties, emphasizing a collaborative journey in scriptural understanding.

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Duration 12:35
Date Sep 14, 2023
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