Postmillennialism and Revelation 20

Featured on Dec 12, 2009
  1. Why Premillennialism must be rejected.
    Some fatal objections to this view.

  2. Why Amillennialism must be rejected.
    Satan's little season fatal to five main tenets of Amillennialism.

  3. Why Rushdoony's Postmillennialism must be rejected.

  4. Why orthodox, Puritan Postmillennialism is the truth.

  1. Binding of Satan must be the progress of the gospel.
  2. The thousand years must refer to period of great gospel advance.
  3. The reigning with Christ refers to the glorious advance of the cause for which the martyrs died.
  4. The first resurrection is the glorious reviving of the church on earth.
  5. The second resurrection is the resurgence of ungodliness in Satan's little season.
  1. Some confirmatory evidence.
  1. Parallel Ez 37-48
  2. Destruction of antichrist, 2 Thess 2:8; Isa 11:4.
  3. Israel's ingathering, Rom 11
  4. OT prophecy, Ps 22:27; 67:7;72:17-19; 86:9; 102:21;16; Mal 1:11.

Three facts of Biblical prophecy - only orthodox, Puritan Postmillennialism squares with all three.

Practical application of these things.

For a fuller exposition on Rev 20:1-10 see series 'Revelation'

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Revelation 20
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