Was Christ Born On Christmas? There is no Feast Day in December...

This is a special service, and it will be for you, if this is your first time listening to one of pastor Chronister's Christmas Eve services. Here you'll get an understanding of the truth about Christmas, not what the average church will tell you. Let me give you an example... A few years back we had an agnostic attend this service, and afterward I asked him what he thought about the message. His answer... "Finally, someone willing to tell the truth!" So if you're a pastor out there listening to this message, please start telling your people the truth. It won't make you popular, that's for sure, but I know you are dedicated to teaching the truth. How about this... Don't hit your people over the head with this stuff all at once on Christmas ('cause if you do you're likely to find yourself looking for a new church to pastor). Since Jesus was most likely born around the end of September or October (most likely He was born on the Feast Day of Trumpets), maybe you could teach your people these things around September/October and that way when Christmas comes around you could sprinkle some of these things in and perhaps that way people won't be quite so mad at you. Anyway... I hope you'll listen to this sermon and call pastor Chronister with any questions or concerns you may have. He'll be happy to talk with you.

By the way, just so you know, pastor Chronister does not write these descriptions. I'm just a humble Cliffside member who loves his pastor and tries, in my own silly way, to give you an overview of what to expect when you listen to these messages that our pastor works so hard on each week. So go ahead and press play. I hope this message will be helpful to you.

Dec 24, 2011
Special Meeting
Ecclesiastes 9:3-6; Luke 1:35
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