Christianity vs. Humanism

Featured on Aug 31, 2008

Humanism means you decide for yourself what is right and wrong and how to live your life.

Humanism and Biblical Christianity are enemies. Humanism says man is the measure of all things. The Bible says the Lord is.

Humanism is the result of the fall in the Garden of Eden, and the humanist gospel, whether it is preached by the serpent in the Garden, by atheists or ministers in churches, is a direct appeal to what excites man's desire to be God (Gen 3:5).

Humanism, like all non-Christian worldviews, has internal contradictions. Its fundamental premises do not fit with logic, science or ethics.

If we are all the product of blind chance, if life started with the random collision of some atoms and evolution took over from there, that means reason, laws of logic and morality are based on random chance. Thus there is no basis for predictability (the foundation of science, logic, mathematics, etc.) and no argument that one ethical system is superior to another. Then Bin Laden's opinion of right and wrong, Hitler's or Jeffrey Dahmer's has the same validity as yours or mine.

All non-Christian worldviews are plagued with internal contradictions and presuppositions which render logic, science and ethics unintelligible. Only a worldview that comes from the Bible is consistent. Only a Biblical worldview leads to peace and contentment, because you are thinking and thus living in the way you were created to do.


"The History of Protestantism," J.A. Wylie http://www.swrb.com/catalog/w.htm

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Duration 45:05
Date Sep 9, 2007
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Genesis 3; Revelation 11:1
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