Session #2: Theonomy


Series Overview:
Our culture is the most law-saturated culture in history.
Christians have often been at the forefront of law reform efforts, both at a general level and with specific moral issues. In these sessions we will wrestle with the proper relationship between God's law and American secular law. We will begin by developing a scriptural perspective on the role of secular law and by considering alternative approaches such as theonomy and the insights of Abraham Kuyper. We then will use these insights to explore abortion, gay marriage, gambling, corporate ethics and other current legal issues.

These sessions were taught as a Sunday School class at Tenth Presbyterian Church by members of Tenth who practice or teach law.

Session Overview:
This session is an overview of the origins, history, and teachings of the theological position known variously as 'theonomy,' 'Christian reconstructionism,' and 'dominion theology.' There is a particular focus on the sources of theonomic thought, its exegetical and hermeneutical basis, and theonomy's popular appeal, as well as some critical reflections on its central claims. This lesson was presented by Dr. S. Joel Garver, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at La Salle University.

Lecture Notes are available at the link below.

Jun 19, 2005
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