Offering Incense to Caesar: Are You Ready?


Covered a bunch of topics today on the program—a few announcements about the upcoming debates in Salt Lake City and in Australia started us off. Then we looked at some comments from Bassam Zawadi regarding the view of some Christian apologists of the Bible and the resurrection. Also looked through Romans 8:31-34 in response to Dr. David Allen's assertion that there are no texts in Scripture that connect atonement and election. But most of my time was focused upon the controversy that came up when Drew Brees recorded a completely innocuous little video about bringing your Bible to school. Well, it was posted by Focus on the Family, and since Focus hasn't been willing to bow the knee to the LGBTQ deity, well, Drew must pay. Talked about persecution in the early church, different types of apostasy, and how each Christian today must decide when Caesar is demanding we bow the knee in areas where we simply cannot today.

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Date Sep 10, 2019
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