This is How to Use Your Gifts


This whole section is about everyone being equipped and engaged, invested and important, discerning and discipling, that is the big picture here, and no matter what your belief about certain spiritual gifts, what Paul teaches here in these chapters as the framework applies. The grid for the gifts will help define the proper pursuit of the gifts. Proper perspective will aid proper practice.

Purpose of the Gifts (chapter 12) – the Edification of the Body

Pulse of the Gifts (chapter 13) – the Loving Heart of the Body

Practice of the Gifts (chapter 14) – the Orderly Working of the Body

If we use our gifts for the edification of the body, with the loving heart of the body, for the orderly working of the body, then we will be following the biblical instruction. That is how we can use our gifts to glorify God through Jesus Christ.

Aug 8, 2010
Sunday Service
1 Corinthians 12
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