The Lord of the Sabbath: Serving Jesus on the Lord's Day

In the beginning of Luke chapter six and similar accounts in Mark & Matthew, the Spirit teaches us that Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath by surrounding this statement not with a list of do's and don'ts, but rather with stories -- true stories to challenge our thinking about what we should practice on the Lord's Day.
Pastor Stoos explains the meaning of these two accounts and gives a brief survey of church creeds dealing with the Lord's Day showing that the Gospel writers drive home two important points: 1) Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath and 2) The Sabbath is a time to do good, rather than evil, to serve God in Liberty rather than be in bondage to regulations.
He reviews the practices at Church of the King and shows that faithful Lord's Day observance must include REST, because God calls us to rest one day in seven; WORSHIP because God calls us into His presence to renew His covenant and to prepare us for another week of service reminding us that Jesus IS the Lord of the Sabbath and finally VISION because as we rest and worship on the Lord's Day, the first day of the week when Jesus rose from the dead, we learn again that His Kingdom will fill the whole earth as we go forth to disciple the nations.
Finally, Pastor Stoos shares personal examples as he explains the vows taken by members of Church of the King.

Aug 5, 2007
Sunday Service
Luke 6:1-11; Mark 2:23; Matthew 12:1-14
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