Apologia Church, Jeff Durbin, JD Hall, and “the Controversy”


For nearly two hours Pastor Jeff Durbin and I discussed ReformCon, beer tasting at the Boulders, Christian News, Marcus Pittman, a Thursday night tattoo session, JD Hall, holiness, sanctification, Christian freedom, and the role Internet polemics plays in creating simple falsehoods and controversies over fictional events. I had a few clips I did not get to, as it went longer than I had expected, but I truly believe that for any serious minded person, the facts have been laid out fully. My thanks to Jeff Durbin for coming over to our side of the Valley to do the program. May God grant peace to His people, and a unity of heart in facing the real challenges of the days ahead.

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Duration 1:54:44
Date Aug 3, 2016
Category Radio Broadcast
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