What in the World?


Below is a small selection from the stories Jim reported on in our continuing series: What in the world?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has once again criticized the pro-life movement, calling its efforts to save unborn children, "sinful," during a round-table discussion at the University of California-San Francisco to mark Women's Equality Day.

A Nebraska teenager allegedly aborted her viable, late-term unborn baby at home via abortion drugs with the help of her mother and is being charged as an adult. The two allegedly buried, burned and then reburied the aborted baby's body with the help of a third person.

A move to have the VA provide abortion services?

The gross negligence of two Rhode Island emergency medical technicians is alleged to have contributed to the death of a premature baby born in a toilet.

A panel of federal judges has decided that the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should be interpreted to accommodate gender dysphoria.

A Yale professor will lead a team seeking to dismantle racism inherent in video games.

Masked Antifa members armed with AR-15 rifles and hand guns showed up to guard what was billed as a kid-friendly drag show at a North Texas distillery.

An Illinois school district is profusely apologizing after a minister asked God to bless the facility and staff during a special ceremony commemorating the launch of the semester.

During a speech in Pennsylvania, President Joe Biden issued a message for brave, right-wing Americans saying they need something more than a gun to fight against the United States, giving the example of an F-15 fighter jet as something to use instead.

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