Restless, Moaning, Pained and Horrified

Staff PickFeatured on Jan 25, 2009

If one takes a superficial look at Christianity, one might conclude that Christianity takes a superficial look at life. We talk of love and joy and peace, and we sing about the new believer finding 'heaven above a softer blue,' and 'earth around a sweeter green,' and something living in every hue that Christless eyes have never seen. But as every believer knows, or eventually discovers, the Christian life is not just one big fellowship supper. Life has great anguish, great grief, deep heartache, for Christians and non-Christians alike. There are problems that seem to have no solutions, roadblocks that seem impassable, and detours that seem to send us backwards. There are times when even committed believers feel like they can't go on. They want to give up, to throw in the towel. They wish they could just fly away from their job, their problems, their family, or even their God. David was experiencing some of these feelings when he wrote the contemplative psalm we call psalm 55. His heart was severely pained within him. The terrors of death fell upon him. Fearfulness and trembling came upon him, and horror overwhelmed him. He was restless. He complained to God. He moaned noisily. And as he cried out, he had no assurance that God was paying any attention to him, or that God even heard him. If you have ever felt such things, or if you are experiencing them now, this message may be an encouragement to you.

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Duration 48:15
Date Aug 24, 2008
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Psalm 55
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