Some Evolutionary Difficulties


In this new series of messages which was first delivered in the spring of 2005 to the students and faculty of Appalachian Bible College in Mount Hope, W.V., Dr. John Whitcomb explores a variety of issues related to apologetics. Specifically, he addresses the question of how to witness in a culture that is steeped in evolutionary thought. Join him in this first message as he describes an animal that has become one of evolutionism's most astounding diffuculties to explain. "Why don't evolutionists admit they have a hopeless problem?" Dr. Whitcomb asks. Part of the answer to that question is found in his own life story, which he relates in sharing the gospel with all who listen to this sermon.

Sermon ID 82705202810
Duration 45:57
Date May 12, 2005
Category Chapel Service
Bible Text Genesis 1:1; Jonah 1:1
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