Teach Us to Pray - by Billy Sunday - Let's quit fiddling with religion and do somethi


'Let's quit fiddling with religion and do something to bring the world to Christ.' -Billy Sunday
Billy Sunday: We live and develop physically by exercise. We are saved by faith, but we must work out our salvation by doing the things God wills. The more we do for God, the more God will do through us. Faith will increase by experience.

If you are a stranger to prayer you are a stranger to the greatest test source of power known to human beings. If we cared for our physical life in the same lackadaisical way that we care for, our spiritual, we would be as weak physically as we are spiritually. You go week in and week out without prayer. I want to be a giant for God. You don't even sing; you let the choir do it. You go to prayer-meeting and offer no testimony.

You are a stranger to the great privilege that is offered to human beings. Some of the greatest blessings that people enjoy come from prayer. In earnest prayer you think as the Lord directs, and lose yourself in him.

Sermon ID 826071519157
Duration 17:29
Date Aug 26, 2007
Category Special Meeting
Bible Text Matthew 7:7
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