Dr. Licona on Mark's Confusion, Dr. Kirk's Apostasy, and Nearly an Hour on Abolish Hu


A really long program today, my apologies! Went over the “Mega” limit (2 hours). Started off with a further analysis of Dr. Licona’s perspective on Mark’s “confusion” about the location of the feeding of the five thousand. Then we looked at a new book that just came out from J.R. Daniel Kirk presenting Jesus was the “idealized human” figure in the Synoptic Gospels. Finally, I played portions of two videos from AHA leader Russell Hunter, including the one where he prays imprecatory prayers concerning myself and Emilio Ramos and Tony Miano and identifies us as evil, murderous men. Tough subjects today, to be sure!

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Duration 2:15:48
Date Aug 25, 2016
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