Demons and Magic


The newspapers are loaded with propaganda. There was a little thing in the paper this morning that somebody handed me, a little ad, 'Gifted spiritualist. Please call for consultation.' It gives a phone number, 'Come and see this lady who has God-given powers.' And there's a picture of Jesus Christ here. 'She has never failed to help and will tell you what you want to know.' This is a very common thing today. We see a tremendous surge in the whole occult area. Now, I do not propose myself to you as any expert. I am not an expert. I only know what I learn in the Bible. Outside of that, I have very little experience in the examination of these other matters. And so for that which was gleaned tonight, I am indebted, not only to a limited amount of research on my own part, but to various books that have been a great help to me, and I'd like to stop a moment to give them credit. Demons in the World Todayby Unger, Between Christ and Satanby Kurt Koch, Angels of Lightby Hobart Freeman, The Fortune Seekersby Gary Wilburn, and What About Horoscopes?by Joe Bayly. A dear brother in Christ, John Weldon, who's recently done a lotta research, has been sharing some things with me.

So in addition to all of that which I've been reading lately and personal research, conversations, and my own Bible study, I've tried to put together for you tonight a message or a study that will help you to see and understand what it is that's going on today, and how we can evaluate it in the light of the Word of God. Kurt Koch, the outstanding German theologian and, indeed, an expert in this area, he, himself... http://www.gty.org/Shop/Audio+Lessons/1218

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Duration 1:18:08
Date Jan 14, 1973
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