Studies in Proverbs | Chapter 1 | Lesson 27 (Q&A)

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01:52 – "Why am I not interested in God's Word and find games and worldly things more attractive?"

04:16 – "How can I get a habit of reading the Bible?"

05:43 – "How can we learn to desire God's Word more?"

06:55 – "How do I study the Bible? Where do I start?"

10:13 – "How can a young person be a witness for Christ to their unbelieving family members whom they love, while also honoring them as authority figures?"

15:50 – "Why is wisdom personified as a woman in Proverbs?"

18:23 – "How do we know that we have wisdom?"

19:52 – "Can we get wisdom from God outside the Scriptures?"

22:13 – "How can I teach the Bible to a 4-year-old?"

27:12 – "I don't have any Christians in my life; what do I do?"

These lessons are made with children and teenagers in mind (though adults can certainly learn from them as well!) and can serve as a school course.

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Date Jun 19, 2020
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